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Teladi Crystal Fab L / Factory characteristics
Teladi Crystal Fab L
Hull:5 000 000
Shield (KJ):20 000 000
Shield power generator:2 000
Hangar (ship):5
Cycle time:00:08:00
Number of production (per hour):40
Production (per hour):300
Factory price:6 557 312
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Number of production (per hour):40
Store size:1660
Ware class:M
Ware volume:4
Min price:1 432
Max price:1 936
Average income (without spending on resources):505 200 Cr/hour

Resources: (click the name of resource to find where it is produce)

Energy Cells
Spending (per cycle):600
Spending (per hour):4500
Store size:25000
Ware class:S
Ware volume:1
Min price:12
Max price:20
Average spending (per hour):72 000 Cr

Silicon Wafers
Spending (per cycle):25
Spending (per hour):187.5
Store size:1040
Ware class:XL
Ware volume:18
Min price:232
Max price:776
Average spending (per hour):94 500 Cr

Nostrop Oil
Spending (per cycle):400
Spending (per hour):3000
Store size:16660
Ware class:M
Ware volume:3
Min price:26
Max price:118
Average spending (per hour):216 000 Cr

Estimate value (based on the average factory price)
Average income(production selling):505 200 Cr/hour
Average spending (production buying):382 500 Cr/hour
Average profits (income - spending):122 700 Cr/hour

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