List of weapons for space ships / X3 Terran Conflict (X3TC)
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List of weapons for space ships

Found weapons: 75
Here you can find weapons (lasers, missiles, etc.) that can be installed on space ships:

Weapon nameType
Banshee Missilemissile
Tomahawk Heavy Missilemissile
Hornet Missilemissile
Typhoon Missilemissile
Firestorm Torpedomissile
Hammer Heavy Torpedomissile
Flail Barrage Missilemissile
Boarding Podmissile
Poltergeist Missilemissile
Wraith Missilemissile
Spectre Missilemissile
Shadow Missilemissile
Ghoul Missilemissile
Phantom Missilemissile
Windstalker Missilemissile
Wildfire Missilemissile
Disruptor Missilemissile
Hammerhead Missilemissile
Beluga Missilemissile
Remote Guided Warheadmissile
Firefly Missilemissile
Thunderbolt Missilemissile
Aurora Missilemissile
Tornado Missilemissile
Cyclone Missilemissile
Tempest Missilemissile
Hurricane Missilemissile
Silkworm Missilemissile
Mosquito Missilemissile
Firelance Missilemissile
Wasp Missilemissile
Rapier Missilemissile
Dragonfly Missilemissile
Tri-Beam Cannonlaser
Fusion Beam Cannonlaser
Matter/Anti-Matter Launcherlaser
Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannonlaser
Prototype Starburst Shockwave Cannonlaser
Point Singularity Projectorlaser
Starburst Shockwave Cannonlaser
Gamma Kyon Emitterlaser
Beta Kyon Emitterlaser
Alpha Kyon Emitterlaser
Experimental Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannonlaser
Prototype Matter/Anti-Matter Launcherlaser
Phased Array Laser Cannonlaser
Phased Shockwave Generatorlaser
Cluster Flak Arraylaser
Repair Laserlaser
Incendiary Bomb Launcherlaser
Phased Repeater Gunlaser
High Energy Plasma Throwerlaser
Tractor Beamlaser
Particle Accelerator Cannonlaser
Mobile Drilling Systemlaser
Ion Pulse Generatorlaser
Energy Bolt Chaingunlaser
Plasma Beam Cannonlaser
Flak Artillery Arraylaser
Fragmentation Bomb Launcherlaser
Ion Shard Railgunlaser
Pulsed Beam Emitterlaser
Concussion Impulse Generatorlaser
Plasma Burst Generatorlaser
Gauss Cannonlaser
Ion Cannonlaser
Photon Pulse Cannonlaser
Ion Disruptorlaser
Mass Driverlaser
Impulse Ray Emitterlaser

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