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Truelight Seeker / Properties of space ship
Truelight Seeker (Truelight Seeker)
Ship class:M6
Speed without upgrades:60
Upgradeable to (speed):138
Hull:50 000
Max laser energy (MJ):10 000
Shield power generator (MW):250
Max shield:200 MJ Shield × 2 = 400 000 KJ
Hangar (ships):-
Min cargobay:750
Upgradeable to (cargobay):1 250
Ware transport class:Extra Large Containers XL
Price (approximate):7 709 710 credits

Compatible weapon and missiles:

Compatible lasers:
Main (number of bays: 6):
Cluster Flak Array
Pulsed Beam Emitter
Point Singularity Projector
Plasma Burst Generator
Particle Accelerator Cannon
Phased Array Laser Cannon
Plasma Beam Cannon
Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon
Mass Driver
Phased Shockwave Generator
Tri-Beam Cannon
Concussion Impulse Generator
Phased Repeater Gun
Starburst Shockwave Cannon
Fusion Beam Cannon
Ion Pulse Generator
Energy Bolt Chaingun
Photon Pulse Cannon
Ion Shard Railgun
Fragmentation Bomb Launcher
Ion Cannon
Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher
High Energy Plasma Thrower
Gauss Cannon
Flak Artillery Array
Ion Disruptor
Incendiary Bomb Launcher

Compatible missiles:
Wasp Missile
Silkworm Missile
Disruptor Missile
Hurricane Missile
Remote Guided Warhead
Wildfire Missile

For developer (Scripts and Modding)

Ship's screenshot

Space ships properties

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