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Mercury / Properties of space ship
Mercury (Mercury)
Ship class:TS
Speed without upgrades:50
Upgradeable to (speed):100
Hull:20 000
Max laser energy (MJ):850
Shield power generator (MW):600
Max shield:25 MJ Shield × 3 = 75 000 KJ
Hangar (ships):-
Min cargobay:3 000
Upgradeable to (cargobay):4 000
Ware transport class:Extra Large Containers XL
Price (approximate):189 335 credits

Compatible weapon and missiles:

Compatible lasers:
Turret 1 (number of bays: 1):
Impulse Ray Emitter
Mobile Drilling System
Particle Accelerator Cannon
Tractor Beam
Phased Repeater Gun
Ion Disruptor
Repair Laser

Compatible missiles:
Mosquito Missile
Dragonfly Missile
Firefly Missile
Aurora Missile
Rapier Missile
Firelance Missile

For developer (Scripts and Modding)

Ship's screenshot

Space ships properties

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