Paranid Communications Facility / Equipment Dock / X3 Terran Conflict (X3TC)
X3TC X3 Terran conflict / Paranid Communications Facility
Paranid Communications Facility / Equipment Dock
Paranid Communications Facility
Sector:Priest's Pity[view on map]
Type:Equipment Dock

List of wares
NameContainerVolumeMin. RatingPrice
Navigation Relay SatelliteM3-16 740
Fighter DroneM2+24 044[properties]
Advanced SatelliteM413 476[properties]
Triplex ScannerM2+29 828
Duplex ScannerS14 212
Soja HuskS4-1364
Patrol Command Software12 948
Trade Command Software MK213 508
Trading System Extension18 984
Trade Command Software MK115 924
Special Command Software MK114 212
Navigation Command Software MK112 948
Fight Command Software MK21+43 508
Fight Command Software MK11+22 416

Presented only tentative prices and wares (they correct only at the moment new game starts).

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