Teladi Shipyard / Big Shipyard / X3 Terran Conflict (X3TC)
X3TC X3 Terran conflict / Teladi Shipyard
Teladi Shipyard / Big Shipyard
Teladi Shipyard
Sector:PTNI Headquarters[view on map]
Type:Big Shipyard

List of wares
NameContainerVolumeMin. RatingPrice
Teladi Energy Bolt Chaingun ForgeST16500+66 396 300
Teladi Flower Farm MST11000+3360 004
Teladi Crystal Fab MST15000+53 129 332
Teladi Crystal Fab LST20500+56 557 312
Teladi Silicon Mine LST14250+3905 688
Teladi Gauss Cannon Ammunition ForgeST12000+54 187 592
Teladi Drone FactoryST14500+52 617 732
Teladi Dream Farm LST13500+3687 480
Teladi Energy Bolt Chaingun Ammunition ForgeST12000+53 538 352
Teladi Ore Mine MST8000+3424 992
Teladi Silkworm Missile FactoryST13000+52 739 788
Teladi Flak Artillery Array ForgeST15000+711 390 248
Teladi Bliss Place MST9500+41 584 144
Teladi Teladianium Foundry MST12000+3325 008
Teladi Sun Oil Refinery LST18000+42 125 024
Teladi Solar Power Plant LST15750+410 459 240
Teladi Complex Construction KitST4250+5259 696
Toucan1+2440 657[properties]
Kite52+3916 188[properties]
Shrike1+629 782 320[properties]
Falcon Hauler130+42 073 407[properties]
Osprey1+515 067 916[properties]
Phoenix1+869 112 343[properties]
Vulture Tanker1+3226 020[properties]
Condor1+867 781 159[properties]
Kestrel25+3125 923[properties]
Buzzard52+3429 114[properties]
Pelican1+4314 813[properties]
Albatross1+527 112 414[properties]
Harrier Vanguard25+278 463[properties]
Kea130+55 367 965[properties]

Presented only tentative prices and wares (they correct only at the moment new game starts).

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